Saturday, 3 March 2018

Why There Is No Need to Be Panicked About Unofficial Google Updates

Changes in search results occur. These changes surely point at the changes being made in the algorithm. Yet, Google doesn’t confirm these updates through official announcements. This habit of Google leads people to think if this way of not announcing algorithmic changes could help Google in keeping things about their algorithm in secrecy.

Having that said, there are some signs which show occurrence of algorithmic change.
  1. Significant changes can be identified when weather is checked on Google.
  2. Ranking changes are testified by ecommerce businesses.
  3. People practicing black hat practices report for lost rankings.
  4. SEO professionals get frequent requests from site owners.
These signs clearly suggest that a change in Google Algorithm has happened. Yet, Google denies that anything important had happened. One can say it with certainty that Google tends to protect its algorithm by keeping things in secrecy this way.

Weather reports are not reliable
One thing that you will find absolute true is that weather reports on Google are unreliable. Weather reports usually miss the rolling out of any algorithmic changes. The most disruptive Panda update couldn’t make any change in the weather reports.

Ranking changes in ecommerce listings
When ecommerce retailers are able to tell you about the definite change in rankings, you can conclude that a change in Google algorithm has happened. Here, it is worth mentioning that ecommerce retailers do not lose or gain ranks without major changes. A change in ranking suggests a change in the database in Google that has the information about ranking signals.

Black hat practitioners report loss in ranking
Most of the people associated with search engine may know about black hat. Black hat SEO practices are the methods which tend to bring traffic to the websites using the means which violate Google’s terms and conditions. Given that Google still has some loopholes which can be exploited by black hat practitioners in order to bring a website on the top of SERPs, it doesn’t stop looking for such loopholes in order to eliminate them. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google fixes these loopholes while implementing algorithmic changes.

SEO agency reports
Whenever there is a change in Google algorithm, there is a definite chance for many websites to lose rankings. Hence, people turn to SEO professionals in order to get the ranking problems fixed.

Here, you need to keep in mind that changes in algorithms happen every day. Some are just the experiments. And some changes are made to fix the problems in existing algorithms.

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