Friday, 5 October 2018

Impact of Web Security on SEO

SEO is focused by marketers more than anything else. And then, they suddenly forget about it when they find their website being attacked by hackers. It can lead to the loss of ranking in the most miserable manner.

Here, you may wonder if web security can be the part of your SEO strategy. Well, the matter of fact is that web security is quite important. Even if your website is not hacked, Google Bot may not be able to access all of the pages of your website due to consistent attacks from the hackers. The attacks usually result in slower accessibility of your web pages. It means that Google may not wait long to view information on the pages of your website. The examples may include 404-error in the search console for the pages of your site that are not inaccessible.

From this example, you can assume how important the web security is for the SEO of your website. Hence, focusing on security can help lessening the hackers’ attacks on your website and your website will be accessible to Google Bots in much better way.

SEO can be the main purpose of hacking
You may find it interesting that most of the websites, which are hacked, are hacked for the purpose of SEO. It means that hackers try to access admin control of the website for the purpose of adding their links and sometimes entire pages. This addition tends to display pretty different version of the website to the Google. It can be dangerous due to the fact that newly added links by hackers are usually the ones which do not qualify to be called high quality information resources. Hence, the ranking of your website might slip to the new low and your website may get blacklisted for containing the bad type of information.

Web security monitoring
One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that the outcome of ignoring security of your websites is not going to be favorable for your site and business. Still, only 50% of publishers have web security monitoring systems for their websites.

Now, it would be worth mentioning here that waiting for the Google to notify you that your website is banned is the worst move. You will have to be vigilant about it because once you are banned by Google and then notified, you will have to do hell lot of corrections to make sure that you come back into the SERPs. Even if you are not getting banned, effect on ranking can alone do bigger amount of damage which you may not be able to recover from in a quicker way.

What needs to be done?
Here, you may wonder about preventing hackers’ attacks in order to prevent SEO of your website to be the victim. First, you will have to get help from the latest security tools from trusted publishers. For instance, you can consider using the platform of WordPress in order to stay updated from security point of view. There are a lot of customization opportunities offered by WordPress.

Secondly, you cannot consider Google as your antivirus. Google is there to notify you that there is a problem with your website. And it notifies usually when it’s too late. So, you need to be proactive about the use of high quality security tools to get your website secured.

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